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Cooking of wild plants. Ferns, algae, lichens and fungi. M. Vishnevsky

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    Product description Cooking of wild plants. Ferns, algae, lichens and fungi. M. Vishnevsky

    Product Name: Cooking of wild plants. Ferns, algae, lichens and fungi.

    Author: Mikhail Vishnevsky

    Russian language

    Cover (Cover): soft

    Pages: 560 p.

    Format: 165 mm by 235 mm

    Publisher: "Prospect", Moscow

    Year: 2019

    Popular science publication.

    The book will be considered edible Russian wild plants related to the three kingdoms of life: green plants (ferns, horsetails, mosses, algae), fungi (mushrooms and lichens actually) and bacteria (cyanobacteria, formerly known as blue-green algae). In addition to describing themselves wild plants, the book contains a lot of recipes and practical advice that will be useful to a wider audience.

    This book continues the series "Cooking of wild plants", dedicated to edible wild plants and fungi, which can be found in the vast Russia. The main objective of the series - to orient the reader among the variety of edible wild plants, to tell which parts of these organisms can be collected, and to show what methods of preparation and cooking processing suited them best.

    Chronologically, this is supposed to appear last, after "Trees and shrubs" and "grass", but the situation has developed in such a way that the material he had prepared earlier, and work on the "grass" because of their incredible volume still continues. Therefore, while some may see here a contradiction, it is the "ferns, algae, lichens and mushrooms" will be published next volume of the series. I hope it will not cause serious complaints. In any case, when all three books will exist (and is commercially available) at the same time, the condemnation of history to lose all meaning. The reader is a unique publication is dedicated to the reader in an amazing diversity of the surrounding world of nature.


    from the author

    Preface to "ferns, algae, lichens and fungi"


    • lady-fern
    • Pteridium aquilinum
    • Chistoustnik cinnamon
    • recipes


    • horsetail is high
    • Equisetum pratense
    • Horsetail
    • recipes



    green algae

    • Ulvi Lettuce
    • Enteromorfa kishechnitsa
    • Kodium wormlike

    Red algae, or whelk

    • chondrus curly
    • gracilaria verrucosa
    • Palmaria palmate
    • porphyry blade
    • Norit


    • Laminaria digitata
    • Laminaria saccharina
    • Laminaria japonica
    • Undariya feathery
    • Undariya feathery
    • Malaria sedobnoe
    • Sargassum mixed
    • hijiki
    • chord of filamentous
    • the chord pubescent
    • Bladder wrack
    • recipes


    • umbilicaria esculenta
    • Tsirtsinariya edible
    • Evernia Prunastri
    • recipes



    Preparation and processing of mushrooms

    mushroom Harvesting

    • drying mushrooms
    • freezing mushrooms
    • salting mushrooms
    • pickling mushrooms
    • Salted boiled mushrooms
    • marinating mushrooms
    • natural mushrooms (in own juice)
    • Mushrooms in sour and sweet and sour filling
    • Mushrooms in tomato paste or puree
    • Billet fried and stewed mushrooms
    • Mushroom caviar and pate
    • Mushroom hood
    • Griboovoschnye mixture
    • Workpiece multivarka
    • Mushroom oil
    • Mushroom preserves, candied fruit and honey
    • Mushroom liqueur and other alcoholic beverages from fungi

    Storage of harvested mushrooms

    • Storage of salted, pickled and fermented (unsealed) mushrooms
    • Storage pasteurized and sterilized (sealed) fungi
    • Storage of frozen mushrooms
    • Storage in the oil or fat
    • Storage of dried mushrooms
    • Storage mushroom powder

    Mushroom cooking

    • Appetizers, salads
    • mushroom sauce
    • First meal
    • Main dishes
    • Bakery products

    Russian Edible wild mushrooms

    • basidiomycetes
    • Boletus, aspen, boletus mushrooms and other boletovye
    • Mushrooms, mushrooms and other mlechniki
    • russule
    • Mushrooms and umbrellas
    • blewits
    • Govorushko
    • amanita
    • chanterelles
    • blackberry
    • Rogatiki
    • Mushrooms and pholiota
    • cherries
    • polypore
    • cortinarius
    • dung
    • raincoats
    • Drozhalki
    • Chesnochniki
    • Little-known edible mushrooms shlyapochnye


    • Morels, lines and other marsupials mushrooms
    • truffles


    • Nostoc Pruniforme
    • Nostoc ordinary

    Information sources

    An alphabetical index of scientific and popular names.


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