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Korean red ginseng extract 240 g

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    Вартість повернення: за рахунок покупця.

    Повернення товару належної якості

    Умови повернення за Законом: товар не був у вживанні, що не розкрита упаковка, збережений товарний вигляд і споживчі властивості (в справному стані).

    Якщо умови не виконані, згідно із законом вам відмовлять в поверненні або обміні.

    У разі обміну або повернення товару, всі транспортні витрати клієнт бере на себе.

    Обмін на такий же товар або повернення коштів за товар.

    Повернення товару неналежної якості

    Перевіряйте своє замовлення безпосередньо на пошті, при отриманні. У разі, якщо Ви бачите, що упаковка товару пошкоджена або товар знаходиться в неробочому стані або він не підходить Вам з якихось причин або зовні є ознаки того, що товар прийшов в непридатність через не якісного надання перевізником своїх послуг, неповна комплектація - відмовляйтеся від нього прямо на пошті і в письмовому вигляді заявите перевізнику причину такої відмови, складайте АКТ. Покупцям, які не виконали цю умову буде відмовлено в обміні товару або повернення грошових коштів через відсутність провини і непричетність магазину до пошкодження товару і порушення цілісності його упаковки.

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    Product description Korean red ginseng extract 240 g

    Description:  Korean red ginseng extract - an elite revitalizing new generation product that contains 100% of 6-year-old red Korean ginseng.

    Korean Ginseng (Insam) - unique for its historical significance and the healing properties of plants. Latin name Panax Ginseng means "all healing."

    The first written mention of this plant date back to the first century BC. Even then, there was the hunt for the precious root, a panacea for all ills. Since the 16th century in China, Korean ginseng has been recognized as an extremely rare plant and is banned for use for all but the emperor. China has always been a major consumer of this plant, so for a while Korea is paying tribute to ginseng. This marked the beginning of large-scale cultivation, and now in these countries it is used not only as a drug, but also as a conventional food.

    Korean red ginseng extract  contains ginsenosides (main active ingredients of ginseng) and vitamins (C, B and so on.), Trace elements (potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iron and magnesium, etc.), Amino acids in optimal amounts. These active ingredients have a wonderful tonic, invigorating and rejuvenating effect, they normalize the work of almost all organs and systems, help to feel fresh and active all day long. During the study it was also found very special substances - saponins, including ginsenoside RH2 (which controls the increase of cancer cells) and ginsenoside Rg1 (activates brain activity).

    It increases the strength and immunity of the human body, it helps fight diseases caused by the environment, such as chronic fatigue and stress.

    Because of its properties red ginseng was proposed by the Korean national football team during the World Cup as a tonic drink.

    In Europe and America it is mainly used as a drug, especially popular ginseng extract. In China and Korea, the situation is completely different - the plant for a long time and become a part of everyday life. Widespread variety containing his food. Candy, candy, candy, tea and even chips with Korean ginseng, which are very popular. In addition, it is widely used in traditional Korean and Chinese medicine. Application ginseng described in numerous treatises vintage. In Asia, it has been used successfully for the treatment of various diseases for the past several thousand years.

    The optimum level of active substances, a 100% natural, absence of chemical additives. Extract of red ginseng is produced using a unique patented technology, through which all the useful components of the plant are preserved.

    scientific evidence and justification has been given the unique properties of ginseng. Today in the world there are about 5,000 research publications ginseng, clinical and preclinical trials. Every year the number of these studies continues to grow.

    Basic properties:

    • Korean red ginseng can inhibit the increase of abnormal cells, which are one of the most common reasons for the development of cancer.
    • Stimulating action - increases physical and mental activity. It is a safe, effective, natural stimulant effect on the strength is not inferior to caffeine. Stamina and endurance, improves physical condition, fatigue.
    • It helps the body to adapt to all kinds of stress. Improves mood and sleep.
    • It cleans the body of toxins (detoxification) outputs poisons and toxins. It has strong antioxidant properties. Indispensable in preventing a variety of diseases caused by free radicals.
    • Has a rejuvenating effect, improves skin condition and overall health.
    • It is recommended for sexual dysfunction (impotence, infertility and other reproductive disorders). The success of the treatment of impotence reaches 60% after daily use of the product.
    • Clinical studies have shown a normalizing effect of ginseng on blood sugar levels. Its effect is similar to insulin. Doctors recommend the use of it as an integral part of healthy diet in diabetes.
    • Womens useful substances that regulate ovarian function, depressive moods and prevents physical weakness due to menopause.
    • Caponiny, which is rich in ginseng, are a useful element in the fight against osteoporosis, because it makes bones stronger and firmer.
    • Removes toxins and crystals (gout) of the joints, tissues and organs.
    • Natural product with immunostimulatory properties.
    • Longevity. With regular use of ginseng is not only beneficial to the health and vitality, but also contributes to longevity.

    Indications for use:

    • Cancer pathology.
    • Diseases of male and female reproductive system.
    • The presence of fatigue, drowsiness, lethargy and apathy.
    • Under stressful conditions and neuroses.
    • Mental and physical exhaustion.
    • People in adulthood to maintain the body's immune function.
    • To strengthen the body and immune system.

    Composition: extract of 6-year-old red Korean ginseng (saponins / ginsenoside, Rg1 + Rb1 + Rg3 = 4 mg / g dry matter content not less than 60%).

    Product: a dense mass of dark brown color with a characteristic odor in a glass vial 240 g

    Method of application and dose: adults and adolescents from 15 years old to take 1 g 3 times a day. Before use, dissolve in a glass of warm water. Spoon for the dosage of the drug is inside the package. You can add flavor to the drink honey.

    Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components, hypertension, myocardial infarction, cardiac abnormalities, pregnant women, lactating women, children under 15 years.

    Storage: Store in clean, dry, protected from light, ventilated at a temperature of 15? C to 25 ° C and a relative humidity of not more than 75%. Do not expose the contents of the pack to direct sunlight. After opening the bottle stored in the refrigerator.

    Shelf life: 3 years.

    Manufacturer: KOREA The GINSENG CORP (the KGC), Republic of the Korea.

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    • Форма випуску Густая масса
    • 30.0 240


  • Specifications Korean red ginseng extract 240 g

    • Форма випуску Густая масса
    • 30.0 240
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