Munchkin, Пляшечка з довгими ручками, 6 місяців, 8 унцій (237 мл), 1 шт.

Munchkin, Пляшечка з довгими ручками, 6  місяців, 8 унцій (237 мл), 1 шт.

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Код товару MUN-40027
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Опис Easy to Sip, Grip & Clean! Silicone BPA Free 6 Months Spill-Proof-Leak-Proof It's the Little ThingsA spill-proof cup contoured to fit even the smallest hand-because if you can't grip, you can't sip.Sippy cups are practically synonymous with leaks, but if stains on the carpet are not your cup of tea, you'll flip over the mighty big idea of Munchkin's Mighty Grip cups. Smartly designed with ridges and a contoured shape, these innovative training cups are leak-resistant and super easy for baby and toddler hands to grip. Never having to wipe up another puddle in the house, that's surely something to flip over. Рекомендації по Застосуванню To Clean : Separate silicone spout from ring part of cup lid. Wash all parts prior to first use in warm soapy water or in top rack of dishwasher. When reassembling, make sure that tab locks on the ring of the cup lid are aligned with the tab notches on the spout. Pull silicone spout through the ring until cup lid ring tab locks snap into place on spout tab notches. (See Fig.1 ) Before first use and after cleaning, squeeze spout to activate. Попередження Caution : Do not microwave or use with hot liquids. Inspect before use. Discard and replace at first sign or damage. Do not let child walk or run while carrying the cup. Do not allow child to bite or chew on spout. More instructions enclosed.Note: To ensure leak-resistant seal, tightly twist lid on cup.
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79013, Україна, Львівська, м. Львів, вул.Коновальця, будинок 6, офіс 20
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