Oona, Желатинові капсули від менструального болю, PMS2 50 желатинових капсул

Oona, Желатинові капсули від менструального болю, PMS2 50 желатинових капсул

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50 Gelatin Capsules
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ОписаниеFor Cramps Associated With PMSMenstrual crampsNauseaHeavy BleedingPMS Related Indigestion & GasPMS Related Muscle AchesHerbal SupplementAn All Natural Product; Contains No HormonesOona PMS2 is formulated to address the frequent onset of menstrual cramps and associated muscle aches and/or gastrointestinal complaints. Oona PMS2 is a combination of a proprietary cramp bark extract called 0-Bark and a standardized ginger extract. Cramp bark has a long history of use in easing menstrual cramps by working as a uterine relaxant and general antispasmodic. Ginger, known for its properties that aid digestion, contains gingerols that ease cramps by lowering a hormone-like substance called prostaglandins. High amounts of prostaglandins are known to contribute to menstrual cramps.Рекомендації по ПрименениюDirections for Use : At the initial onset or first sign of menstrual cramps, take 2 to 5 capsules. Repeat throughout the day as needed. Do not exceed 15 capsules per day.Інші ИнгредиентыOlive oil NF, gelatin, purified water, sunflower oil, glycerin, distilled monoglycerides, caramel, lecithin NF, st johns breadПредупрежденияDo not take OonaPMS2 if you think you may be pregnant. The ginger in OonaPMS2 may interfere with diabetic, blood-thinning or heart medicines. Інформація про ДобавкахServing Size : 1 gelatin capsuleServings per container: 50 Amount Per ServingDaily % ValueCramp Bark Extract** (verbenalin alkaloid 800 mcg) 10 mg*Ginger (gingerols, 4.5 mg) 75 mg** Daily Value not established.**Standardized cramp bark extract 0-Bark patent pending
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